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Lifetimes Away

by Emma B

My girlfriend wrote me this poem when I was homesick and missed the ocean back home. I would go there to watch the sunset and the rise of the moon whenever I could. The beach has always been a place of solace for me. I think it's beautiful and I would love to share it with everyone as this poem makes me feel loved and brings me comfort.

Lifetimes Away

Her body moves in waves

Silk shaped fingerprints and too much time

The ebb and flow of our souls as we catapult ourselves towards the late, bleeding sun

This is how we’ve always been together

Even now with the vast expanse of space and lifetimes between us I can feel her in my sleepless nights

Calling to me from her station lightyears away

The curvature of her form tugs me towards her depths

I want to dip my toes in her whimsy and trace delicate lines across her face

Reaching out to her in crests and falls

Never quite able to touch what’s hers

When morning comes, she’s already left me

Only destined to meet in the depths of night

Forbidden love known only to those who have studied it for centuries

And even then, they always fail to understand

Science will never fully explain my love for her

Not even a whisper of my voice to be heard Seashell conversations

Drowned out by the pounding of blood in their ears,

My love awaits me in the sky as I try to pour out my soul to her

Misguided curiosity and pure happenstance

Our only solace can be found under a blanket of stars

- Eliza Ruth Platt

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