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In the Aymara Language, Utasa means home // house. 


In 2020 I spent time in a sacred site high in the Andes. Lake Titicaca is an ancient body of water that is home to Aymara cosmology and temples, once in the presence of the lake, I immediately felt a connection of "home". 


As an Aymara person born outside of my ancestral territory, the idea of home has always meant returning. However, the same water I touch in Titicaca is the same water that will eventually fall on my head as rain. 


All water is sacred, it is only our intention that changes. My home is wherever I am nourished and cared for. My home is where I tend to.


This video installation places the Lake in dialogue with sweet moments with my sister -- my other home. Interweaving these different places, I seek to redefine belonging, connection, and the idea of home.

Aru Apaza ; Found Audio from PrieSTusSSY

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