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Ogaawag I

This film documents our continued journey of learning Anishinaabe lifeways and being in relationship with the land. It shares through an authentic lens the relationships being built between urban indigenous people from Detroit and indigenous people living on the Leech Lake reservation in Minnesota. This is a story for us, so we can learn. As a filmmaker I seek to weave stories that reignite neural pathways of our original ways of being, being with the earth, being in harmony and balance and respect. I pray this video stirs your spirit well, that you find some medicine in it. The story here is about fall time, the netting of the Walleye for our families and communities to eat.

Produced by Giizhigad | Special Thanks to Annie Humphrey & Family, Theodore Spencer, Alice Sun, the people of Leech Lake and the Ogaawag Nation

@giizhigad on instagram and YouTube | Website:

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