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Kayaking Through The Quarantimes

Filmed throughout Detroit and Southeast Michigan over the course of 2020, Kayaking Through The Quarantimes is compiled from 15 different kayaking trips, using both an iPhone and a GoPro camera. Created through the pandemic, quarantines, and various calamities, this film is a direct result of the strange times we experienced in 2020 and 2021. With Covid-19 thrusting all of our lives into the unknown, I found myself with newfound free time - able to slow down, explore, and revisit ideas that I previously had zero time for. Throughout it all, kayaking became a way to navigate, observe, meditate, and find solace in nature, as well as spend physically distanced time with friends, in the midst of the most isolating years we can remember. The completed work features 132 clips from these trips, including many locations along the Detroit River, and provides a 20/20-hindsight glimpse of that view from the kayak.

Kayaking Through The Quarantimes

Scott Hocking, 2020-2021

Digital Film, 20 min.

Soundtrack: "Slightly All The Time / Out Bloody Rageous / Eamonn Andrews" by Soft Machine, from the album Soft Machine, BBC Radio, 1967-1970 (copyright Soft Machine; BBC Worldwide LTD; Hux Records LTD; Warner/Chappell; Rough Trade; EMI)

Instagram: @scotthockingdetroit


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