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A Journey with Water, Betsy Damon in China

Betsy Damon was my childhood hero. Her work Living Water Garden, 1998 is a mini wetland heaven in the middle of my hometown ChengDu, China. It is a free public park that demonstrates how water cleans itself. In 1995 and 1996, Damon directed two public art events in ChengDu and Tibet that fundamentally changed the government’s and general public’s understanding about performance art. Her project Keepers of the Waters (水的保护者), a series of performances by Chinese and Tibetan artists including Song Dong, YinXiuZhen and Dai Guang Yu, was an early example of an interdisciplinary, transcultural, and socially engaged art project. It was a groundbreaking moment that introduced new future stars in Chinese contemporary art and enabled them to make art in public space. My short film is juxtaposed with archive images, interview recordings in order to tell Betsy’s story in China in a personal and unique way.

Many Thanks to Betsy Damon, Asia Art Archive, WanWu Practice. All images copyright reserved used with permission.

Film by Xie Rong, artworks copy rights reserved to the artists, used with permission. The Keepers of the Waters, Asia Art Archive, WanWu Practice.

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